Kathryn J. Mock Nutrition and Consulting Services

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Nutrition Packages, Rates, and Details

Package A:

Initial individual nutrition consultation, nutrition analysis, and example day at each calorie level(Ex: currently eating 3000 calories and need to reduce to 2000: will provide what a day of eating would entail at 2600-2700 calories, 2300-2400 calories, and finally 2000 calories in order to reach your ultimate goal without feeling deprived).


Package B:

Package A, 2 follow-up appointments, and 7 day meal plan (including grocery list).


Package C:

Package B, 2 additional follow-up appointments (total of 4), and 14 day meal plan (including grocery list).


Group Nutrition Presentations:

30 minutes $50

60 minutes $80  

Grocery Store Tours:


Other? Please let me know if the service you are looking for is not listed above and we can work together to create a package that properly meets your needs at a price that works for you!